TV3 ‘stole’ my Lin Dan

My Lin Dan pics from my blog used by @tv3malaysia Buletin Utama, Jan 26, 2010 WITHOUT my permission! How unethical!!!

What’s your view on this ?

5 thoughts on “TV3 ‘stole’ my Lin Dan

  1. Dear Glenn,

    As a media conglomerate they have should have the ethical knowledge to at least to show the pictures are from you. The proper way should be asking permission from you.

    As photographers, we are the only unit in the publication and media industry that is being taken out of context and not taken care of. Imagine a song is taken and used…there will be a whole lot of copyright issue cropping up but that is not seen in photography yet in Malaysia.

    The whole idea of photography is to bring the news to eyes of the people and yet its forgotten and done based on cash. Well that is my two cents worth bro and good luck to you



  2. someone showed me your link as we are on the “same boat” 😛 Is TV3 related to The Star? Agree that they should seek your permission first for commercial use. It’s also about good mannerism. Nice shots!

  3. saman je wartawan abu bakar atan tu..ramai yg menyampah ngan dia..blagak pndai padahal otak kosong

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