32 thoughts on “The Star RAGE Photo Workshop

  1. sifu Glenn, that day i ask you you said don’t have. eeeyeerrrr….lie to meeeeee ;p haahhaha

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  3. i even more sad, i cant even find the paper. just check this blog for updates, and quickly went to search for yday’s paper. cant find it !

  4. finally got the photos…woohoo! thx sifu glenn…haha
    learn alot frm ur workshop =)

  5. beyond : titanic jump.. you jump.. i jump. HAHA! lol*

    fadhil : ok. will email them. story out in StarTwo, Youth section this wed. Keep and eye out for it πŸ˜‰ RAGE is on a 2 weeks break.

  6. i want the last photo too glenn !
    and the jumping shot is nice,
    too bad im not in it ! =)
    oh btw, is there going to be a report to go out in R.AGE ?
    i want to get my copy if it gets out in R.AGE.

  7. What about the last photo? The group one. You said you will send it to us. Please…….

  8. Woo Hoo! Glenn the GUY! Awesome shots! Glad meeting you. All the best to you in your career!

  9. i’ve learnt my lesson.. hope wont repeat this stupid mistake again in future…
    yes.. too free.. LOL πŸ˜€

    anyway, can send me those photos in bigger reso n sizes ar? coz i post big photos in my blog… i dun mind the watermarks…

  10. alvin.. hehe. next time bring the cam battery and dun leave it at home to grow mushrooms. hehehe..

    full of comments ? comment lor.. too free ga ? LOL*

  11. wheeeeeeeeeee… nice meeting u.. had lots of fun taking photos…
    but so sad couldn’t let my SLR be in action.. πŸ™ *sob sob*

    anyway, u’re blog will be full of my comments for the comin months.. LOL

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