Think Tank Airport Takeoff

Just got my hands on Think Tank Photo’s latest release; Airport Takeoff.  An international carry on size rolling backpack with quick deployalbe/concealable backpack straps. Retailing at RM1090.

Check with your favourite local ThinkTank store for stock availability 🙂

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Backpack straps conceal (left) and being deploy from the Think Tank Airport Takeoff.

Front laptop compartment.

View of the inside compartment and the loaded Airport Takeoff with “gears”.

Zipper flap on top of the Airport TakeOff reveal the extendable handle.

A monopod fitted in the stretchable side pocket of the Airport TakeOff with the included monopod strap.

Shape Shifter arrived!!

Finally picked up my new toy, Think Tank Shape Shifter,  a clever, way-cool photo backpack that expands and contracts. Thanks to Leo Koo of and the people at Think Tank Photo! 🙂

The Shape Shifter compressed (top), to, and expanded (below)

Fits my 2 bodies (Canon Mark IIN, Mark III), 3 lenses (16-35 2.8, 28-70 2.8, 70-200 2.8), 2 speedlite (580EX and 580EXII) plus a 12″ Dell notebook . There are still plenty of rooms for power adapter and other small accessories.

Gears sitting on top of the neoprene pocket it fits into.

Gears placed inside the Shape Shifter’s five neoprene pockets.

Like like most of Think Tank Photo’s products, a rain cover is included.

Retailing at RM888, (which is a little pricey) this backpack is not for everyone 😛 If u’re a photojournalist or one that makes a living shooting, editing and transmitting pictures on location, this is the backpack to grab!!

Stocks are limited, please book with your favourite local store or visit

Think Tank Photo Shape Shifter on track to Malaysia

The Think Tank Photo Shape Shifter will be available here by next week with the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of US$249. Local pricing to be announced.

Stocks are limited, please book with your favourite local store 🙂

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UPDATE: (22November2008) Local retail pricing.. RM888