I’m on ThinkTankPhoto brochure

Received a copy of ThinkTankPhoto brochure today from USA. 🙂 Check it out from your authorized ThinkTankPhoto dealers. hehehe!

Also featured, ThinkTankPhoto co-founder and Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist Deanne Fitzmaurice and Rob Galbraith of Reuters.

8 Responses to “I’m on ThinkTankPhoto brochure”

  1. glenn says:

    not as famouse as u lar taukeh 🙂

  2. Kee says:

    Now famous aledi..sei chai 😛

  3. glenn says:

    😉 which one u interested ?

  4. ali says:

    U got no lobang meh for cheaper TTs? 😛

  5. glenn says:

    caption wrote by the USA ppl 🙂 the same one on thier website

  6. Ee-Lyn says:

    Close up! I want to see the caption!

  7. glenn says:

    Go visit Raymond (Keat Camera) or Desmond (YL Camera).. time to change to ThinkTank 😉

  8. ali says:

    Can I have a copy? I wanna buy new bag d! Magnum gonna break my back soon! *ouch*